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2014 Expedition Install EVO ONE Not Programming 2 Key Setup

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After installing the EVO ONE on a 2014 Ford Expedition, during the programming I put in the first key and turn the ignition on and get a red blink and yellow light and turn the ignition off. I then put in the second key and turn on and get a single red blink and turn the key off. I then press the programming button within the 5 second limit and get a single red flash and then the red stays solid. I have rechecked the wiring and confirmed it to be the same as was shown on as that is different  than what is shown on the install guide on your site. I was never able to find the BCM on the driver side or locate the 13 pin or 26 pin connectors that were supposed to be located on the BCM on the driver's side of the vehicle. Can you please help me on what could be the issue during programming?


posté Oct 29, 2017 dans la catégorie Ford par Jason Wood (130 points)

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répondu Oct 29, 2017 par yaqoob saudi (380 points)
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Looking at the service number it says DCryptor was succesfull, still having a issue or did you get it resolved?
répondu Oct 31, 2017 par Derek (160,200 points)
Unfortunately I do not have the vehicle currently as I was installing this for my brother in law and he lives about 150 miles away. I did run through the DCryptor steps on Saturday and at the end of the programming in the vehicle the LED on the module stayed solid red.

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