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clutch bypass do i use internal relay /separate relay or cars starter kill relay?

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2014 civic ex MT PTS... what  is relay shown  in install guide evo one Thar3 rf642w all works flawlessly but need to cofirm clutch bypass. not sure particularily  about pin 30 cut thanks much.
posté Sept 26, 2017 dans la catégorie Honda par space (130 points)

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The relay shown is a  bosch type 30amp automotive relay. This is a common piece used in the industry and can be found at electronic store.

The pin layout on the relay will be the same has the diagram shown in the guide.
répondu Sept 26, 2017 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (53,770 points)
ok great thank you but why is it showing the pin 30 cut ? do i leave pin 30 unused. i understand relay. pin 30 is closed on and 87a is same when un energized. guide shows moving cars clutch 2 switch   orange pin 2 from 86 to 87 and clutch 1 pin 3 black stays same on 87a but needs a cut from where? if im using my own external relay i would just leave pin 30 unused correct ? dont want to back feed and fry brain.thanks again
The "cut" means you need to CUT the oem wire in 2, and connect exactly like shown in the guide,


1.Vehicle side of the cut wire will go to pin 30

2. Connector side of the cut wire will to go pin 87a (middle pin)

When energized, the relay will connect vehicle side of the BLACK clutch wire with the ORANGE clutch wire.

there is an error above the Clutch 2 , the little picture of the relay should actually say 87, I will send the correction request

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