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Need remote start on my 2016 Mustang GT Manual

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I have a 2016 supercharges Ford Mustang GT 5.0 with a manual transmission my business uses as a show car (Currently $100k+ into the vehicle).  I need a remote start put on it for demonstration (It isn't as much as a cool factor showing off our van).  What needs to be done to get a remote start put on it?  I can bypass the clutch using a 2 way toggle switch with resistors and diodes if need be (Did that before on a 2012 Wrangler).  I am trying to install a state of the art system to use as a display piece at car shows with all the sensors, bells and whistles........  I am the only one to EVER sit in the vehicle let alone drive it so liability is not an issue.  What do you reccomend to get a remote start done on this as it is not listed on the guide?  Is there any kind of software in testing I can use as I want to get at least one show this year with a remote start installed on it?  Our vehicle last year sold over 100 installs during the summer by going to shows
posté Sept 26, 2017 dans la catégorie Ford par Daniel Waslenko (2,650 points)

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Their is no published solution for that vehicle.


However if you do a little research on google you will see with enough programmable ouputs from a remote starter and giving up a key for transponder bypass a remote start is possible.
répondu Sept 26, 2017 par derek ! (285,690 points)
Ive been searching on google and it seems no one wants to give info on manual transmission as it is "too dangerous"