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17 Lancer TPMS light come on when I press the fastkey inward to turn to ON when I get into the running car?

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Car starts smoothly.  Upon normal start the TPMS light does not come on.  If car is already running the light comes on for a slipt second as soon as I push IN on the fastkey cylinder.  It comes on, then goes out, but is alarming.  If you push in but don't turn the key, then push in again after it has cleared it will come back on.  Upon a normal start the car doesn't have ACC and IGN power to all circuits when pushing in on the key cylinder, my guess is this is part of the issue.
posté Aout 2, 2017 dans la catégorie Mitsubishi par John Flynn (160 points)

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Can you please confirm whether or not the connections to the (+) Tumber sense wire were done?

General rule of thumb is: If any warning lights light up BUT go off upon takeover, then it is fine. You have to understand that the way the remote starter starts the vehicle and a human does is not always possible to duplicate.


Only if a warning light lights up and stays on is it considered an issue,
répondu Aout 3, 2017 par JM (55,300 points)