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Euro spec mustang

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I have a euro spec Mustang and I'm trying to use the evo all as a immobilizer bypass. At the programming procedure at point 4 after pressing the push to start button, it should flash 10x red. But it flashes only 5 times. And the it flashes blue. And for a couple of seconds in the cluster display appears the warning message "immobilizer active". If I try to remote start. Red and yellow Leds are on. And it seems that the ignition is on, but no crank.
posté Juin 18, 2017 dans la catégorie Ford par Steven Cameron (130 points)

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I would double check the connection to the can wires especially the Orange set, how are the evo can wires connected to the vehicle's can wires? (t-tap, scotchlock, etc...)

Also, you vehicle being a euro spec, the way we program into the new mustangs is by acting like an oem remote starter which I'm not sure if it's an option that is available in your region. Our solution was tested on North American models.


Thank you,
répondu Juin 19, 2017 par JM (55,300 points)
Thanks for your quick response. I double checked every thing. The can wires are connected with t-tap. But I think the problem is that all euro spec Mustangs are standard equipped with an oem alarm. Is there any way to disable the oem alarm? It would be nice if we find a solution for the euro spec Mustangs.
I would suggest removing the t-taps and making a proper connection. This could be part of your problem. What are the voltages on the can bus wires at the evo-all connector?

The alarm is not whats going to prevent the module from programming, the mustangs in north america also have factory alarms.

I removed the t-taps and soldered all connections. The result is the same.

I Press and hold programming button and connect data-link harness.  Release when solid red.
I Insert the required remaining connections. I push the Start button. Then in the instrument cluster the message pops up “Immobilizer active “ for a couple of seconds.

At this moment the evo flashes only 5 x red. Not 10 x as described. At the end the evo flashes blue.

If I try to remote start the car the yellow and red led of the evo are lighting up. After a some seconds the red led flashes 3 times. I think this means “no tach”

Measured to ground:

orange/green = 2.67V

orange/brown = 2.07V

grey = 2.66V

grey/blue =2.16V


Things I've noticed´

If I push the open button at the remote it always flashes.

If I push the close button it flashes only the first time.

That is the reason why I use the setting “close open close”.


Is this vehicle equipped with a automatic transmission or manual transmission?
It is a mustang ecoboost with Performance Package.
is the vehicle equipped with a automatic transmission or manual transmission??
Oh sorry automatic transmission.
Please send an email with pictures of the connections made in the vehicle to So that I can review what is going on in the vehicle. If possible also include the vin number of the vehicle and a picture of the key.