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2017 CX9 Push To Start - Cant unlock car after remote start - Evo One

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Car - 2017 Mazda CX9 Push To STart

Fortin - Evo One, Maz THAR-MAZ2, Fortin Flashlink 4

Evo Number - 002B02164087

Guide Used - 65561

Vehicle has been succesfully wired in and Dcrypted. Once i remote start however i am unable to get access to the car till the remote starter time runs out and turns off. Remote fob unlock doesnt work,  Passive door unlock request button does not work on teh vehicle either

 Please advise how i can enable remote Fob control whilst remote starter is running?

Also can i turn remote start off via the remote after i have remote started?
posté Mai 21, 2017 dans la catégorie Mazda par Nick Ter-Kuile (280 points)
modifié Mai 21, 2017 par Nick Ter-Kuile

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Try turning off D2 in the bypass this should not be needed.

You do not re do the programming, simply turn off the option and hit save options then plug back in and re test.

Also ocne this is done when the car is remote started and you press unlock on your oem remote does the blue led on the evo flash?
répondu Mai 22, 2017 par derek ! (284,870 points)
élue Mai 24, 2017 par Nick Ter-Kuile
Thanks - Totally my fault, i forgot to cut the Accessory Orange wire to the EVO-One

Unlock is now working


Just have to verify the start procedure is working as per install guide, IE i havent yet been able to keep the car started after remote starting and entering

Ill try again tomorrow and disable D2 in options
You can turn off remote start with the remote by pressing 3x lock again.

Take over can be done by entering the vehicle, pressing 1x on the start button (no brake) wait 2 seconds and you are ready to drive.