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Mustang 2010 - Cannot program EVO-ALL

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Trying to install EVO-ALL (EVO-FORT1) with t-harness on my 2010 Mustang.

I've flashed to the latest firmware 71.43 and also tried 71.35. I've enabled option C1 and D1 as I intend to use it as a standalone remote starter.

I have spliced A1, A10 & A20 from the white 20-pin plug to the t-harness. I have spliced the CAN High and Low as appopriate.

The issue comes when I try to program the device with 2 keys. I place the unit into program mode, solid red, and turn each key for 3 seconds (until the security light goes out) and within 5 seconds press and hold the program button. The light remains solid red thoughout the process until I hold the program button where it cycles through the colours before eventually ending up with solid red and blue. The car never goes into ignition. The key bypass function doesn't work.


What am I doing wrong? :\
posté Mai 20, 2017 dans la catégorie Ford par Scott Ferguson (130 points)

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Can I suggest following the 1-key Dcryptor programming instead of the 2-key regular programming? Starts on page 8 of the guide ( )


The 2-key programming follows the factory spare key programming procedure and too many things can make it not work... Such as NOT having 2 master keys, or maybe even the factory setting for spare key programming is disabled in the vehicle bcm... 


The 1-key programming simply makes a virtual copy of the key used to program the module. 


Also note, you will want to turn on all the A options in the unit. Currently they are off incuding the key bypass option (A3).   All the A's should be On, C1, and D1


You can also try programming ONLY Can-Bus. This should confirm proper connections for Can-hi, Can-lo and A1. To program only CAN-Bus

---1. Hold down programming while pluging in the datalink connector

---2. Release button when LED is blue

---3. connect remaing connectors

---4. Turn ignition ON.

---5. If the BLUE LED starts to flash after a few seconds, turn igniiton off, the module was able to program can-bus

répondu Mai 20, 2017 par Robb (262,670 points)
Nothing is connected other than A1, A10, A20 and the CAN high & low.
Does holding the brake pedal depressed turn off the red led as well?


Can you double check that you are on pins 3 and 11 on the obd2 connector, the oem remote not working would point to the possibility that you are on pins 6 and 14 instead, the module will still program since 6 and 14 are also can wires but will not have the information needed for the oem remotes to work. The OBD2 connector must be viewed from the frong (pin side, not the wire side) and locate pins 3 and 11 by comparing to the image on the installation guide.


Thank you,
Hi Rico,

Holding the brake pedal depressed - after about 5 seconds the red light flashed 3 times and turns off.

I've checked and double checked the OBD2 connections and they're definitely correct as per the instructions and in 3 & 11.
Guys, I think the CAN connections were in 6 and 14 when the decryptor process was done. I re-did that process and the car now starts and stops as expected.

Thanks very much for your patience and help :o)
Glad to hear, all is working now,