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2005 Honda Pilot Evo one wires

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I'll be doing this installing this weekend and I got most the wire down. Need help with some of the wires. On the 20-pin connector A8 (-)DK.Blue wire look like I have to connect it to Key Sense (Blue/Black) Ignition harness is that correct?

For the arm/disarm I only see A6 (-) Orange for disarm  to pink/black behind glove box, green connector but what wires on the 20-pin connector would I use for the arm or do I not need to and will it still arm?

The hood, door and trunk status would I isolate them with diode connect to A15 (-) pink/black wire or other wire I can use? For the door trigger would I wire all 4 door or just one for all the door status.

I would be adding a shock sensor with the evo one and I would be using Drone Mobile DR-3400 for this install.
posté Mai 18, 2017 dans la catégorie Honda par Jerry Thor (410 points)

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Yes, please connect the GWR wire Pin A8 to the vehicle's key sense wire. (Blue/Black will test as negative with key in the ignition switch)

The analog lock and unlock wires are the wires you use to connect to the arm/lock and disarm/unlock of the vehicle. (purple and purple/white)

For the triggers, yes diode isolate the various triggers that are going to be connected to the Pink/Black evo input wire.

Function 14 needs to be set to mode 2, to turn on the evo-alarm feature for your shock sensor to work

After all options have been set, please flash to 0.50 (remote starter side) to be able to use drone module.
répondu Mai 18, 2017 par JM (61,720 points)
élue Mai 19, 2017 par Jerry Thor

"The analog lock and unlock wires are the wires you use to connect to the arm/lock and disarm/unlock of the vehicle. (purple and purple/white)"

So Unlock (blue/orange) and Lock (black/orange) at passernger fuse box in the E connector.

If the vehicle has an OEM alarm, you will need to connect to the ARM and DISARM wires as well,


You can connect the Orange wire Pin A6 (Disarm of EVO) to the vehicle's disarm wire :

Negative Disarm Pink / Black  Behind Glove Box, Green Connector

Then connect the Evo's UNLOCK wire (Purple/White) to the vehicle's unlock wire : Blue/Orange

And then the Evo's LOCK wire (Purple) to the vehicle's lock wire: Black/Orange

With above connections, you will have full doorlock controls and the evo will also disarm the OEM alarm if ever it was armed.

You can go one step further and use the same purple lock wire of the Evo and with 2 diodes connect to the LOCK and ARM wires at the same time, this will control your OEM alarm fully.


Thank you,


Yes, the vehicle has an OEM alarm.

Okay, I think I got everything I need. I'll come back here if I get stuck on something.

Thank you for the help.

why does the A8 wire need to be connected when your install guide for the pilot

connection 2   acura/honda  program 2 has that wire shaded out ???

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