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2016 Ford Fusion Push-to-Start diagram seems incorrect?

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I purchased access to diagram for 2016 Ford Fusion with Push to Start and there are many wires that show connected to the ignition switch connector(standard key)....but that connector does not exist on push to start vehicles.
posté Avr 22, 2017 dans la catégorie Ford par Orionsax7 (230 points)

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There are 4 types of Fusion models to choose from when you log in to wirecolor,

1.Ford Fusion

2.Ford Fusion PTS

3.Ford Fusion PTS hybrid

4.Ford Fusion Hybrid

You need to make sure you select Fusion PTS (with the correct year)

Also , all available wire information will be posted on the wirecolor info page for the car selected. You may not need all the wires but they will be there. I suggest you download the guide for the product you are trying to install on and follow the specific guide. It will show you the necessary wires on the vehicle.


Thank you,
répondu Avr 24, 2017 par JM (55,300 points)
I do not have access anymore since it is only 48 hours, but i went back and looked at my printouts and verified that I was looking up 2016 Fusion Push-to-Start. Disappointing that the ignition switch is listed for many of the hookups since it has no ignition switch. You even have the pictures shown of the connection with the pins, but that connector is not on this vehicle. Please fix so the next person doesn't go through the same thing I did. I will get my wiring instructions from another ****, as you suggested. Thanks, I think.

Installation guides are all available on free of charge. Not wirecolor.

3 guides are available for your vehicle for 2 different products. All three for push start ignition switch.


Direct Link to vehicle on

Direct Link to installation guide:


Wirecolor igniton switch for this car have been removed. Thanks for the heads up!