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EvoAll standard to standalone

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I have a EvoAll with a crimestopper LC1 remote module. I haven't installed it yet but I assume this system runs as a standard system and not standalone.

my car is a 2015 Focus se sedan 

I was wondering if is possible to disconnect  the lc1 from the evo all and configure it to run as a standalone only unit? If so, what settings need to be changed on evoall?

also, I see the following cables on the lc1 unit. Can I just disconnect them?

  • ignition - out - goes to evoall key sense a1 and rs7 on thar-for1 (yellow/black)
  • 12v - in
  • Gnd when running - out - goes to a8 on evoall



posté Avr 15, 2017 dans la catégorie Ford par Andres Mora (480 points)
modifié Avr 15, 2017 par Andres Mora

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The is the correct guide for standalone installation

It also shows what options need to be turned on.
répondu Avr 15, 2017 par Andres Mora (85,190 points)
élue Avr 15, 2017 par Andres Mora
Thanks so much!

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