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ACURA TSX How can I make the EVO-ONE turn on the rear defroster?

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I know i can use the EVO ONE automatic aux 1 trigger under 40 degrees F but does anyone have any information on how to tap into the rear defrost trigger?
posté Mar 23, 2017 dans la catégorie Acura par vince vacca (160 points)

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There is a defrost wire that can be found at the driver's dash fusebox in a green 33 pin connector, pin 6 the wire color should be  Brown/White, This wire should be tested with a digital multimeter to verify the polarity and type of signal, pulsed or latched.


That being said, connecting the rear defrost while in theory sounds great, on the other hand causes a huge current draw on the vehicle while it's trying to warm up. Hondas/Acuras are not know for their amazing charging systems or even battery size/capacity.

I have the defrost connected on my 2001 Jeep with the biggest battery (Optima redtop 800cca) and a 120A alternator and when the defrost kicks in I can actually see the voltage drop significantly to the point where the vehicle is barely charging at idle, So I actually have to shut off the defrost everytime I remote start since it is programmed to turn on automatically.


Thank you,
répondu Mar 23, 2017 par JM (61,760 points)