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Why will evo not program on my 2011 gmc yukon?

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Have evo  service #001A06266665. When programming the light blinked and then cut off when I cut the key to off position like it should but when I went to hold the key backwards and try to crank it with keypad i got nothing.   Unplugged everything and tried programming again but after I hold the reset button and light goes to solid blue and I plug 20 pin connector and white connector and turn the key to on the blue light just goes off completely no blinking or anything and still will not work. Thanks. Hardware vr. 6. Firmware vr. 4.18.
posté Dec 30, 2013 dans la catégorie GMC par Chip Salley (140 points)

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The brown wire of the 5 pin white connector on th eVO seems to be where the problem is coming form at the moment. The EVO is acting like it is not seeing the vehicles can-bus.
répondu Jan 3, 2014 par Robb (232,460 points)