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mazda cx-5 wont remote start blink 9 times

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customer had trouble remote starting her car sometimes it started and sometimes didnt when it started it wouldnt stop with remote. She came by garage verify version and remote start had 71.26 on it, replaced it with 71.37 and now its blinking 9 times when remote starting and it doesnt start. Check wiring dont have t harness all wiring seems ok, check with multi-link tool and ignition for remote start comes on but car ignition doesnt.
posté Jan 19, 2017 dans la catégorie Mazda par Jerry martin (780 points)

1 Réponse

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After reflashing the module, reconnect to flashlink and resend the dcryptor data. After reconnect to vehicle and retry.
répondu Jan 19, 2017 par Jerry martin (85,190 points)
will i need to do step 1-12 again after that
No, if dcryptor was already successful, you dont need to redo steps 1-12

RESET then connect right to flash link and click resend/startover under the Dcryptor section.

NOTE: initiailly, after doing steps 1 to 12, you needed to redo steps 1-12 but this time the LEDs would of flashed RED and BLUE. Had you done this part?? It needs to be done before doing the last (third) portion of programming which states releasing on BLUE.

I would suggest giving us call if it still does not work afterwards.