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2014 Ford F150 Wont Start

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  • Evo-Fort1
  • 2014 Ford F150
  • Stand-alone Install
  • CAN Lo and Hi connected
  • Lt. Blue, Lt Blue/Black and Yellow/Black wires from 20 pin connector connected to T-Harness
  • Options A1-A11 are On
  • Options C1 & D1 are On
  • All Other options are off
  • When dark Blue wire from 20 pin connector is grounded, nothing happens.
  • Evo-All may not have programmed successfully.  Below are my steps
    • Enter programming mode (hold black button until blue& red is on)
    • Insert first key (amber light turns on at this point)
    • Turn first key to run, wait 3 seconds
    • Remove first key, install second key, turn to run, wait 3 seconds (Amber light stays on the entire time.
    • Remove second key, Install first key, turn to run.
    • Blue and red flash rapidly approx 10 times
    • Blue stays on for about 3 seconds
    • Blue turns off for about 5 seconds
    • Blue flashes rapidly about 5 times, then amber turns on solid.
  • When pressing lock 3x, blue light flashes with each lock, then red light turns on solid for about 10 sedonds, red light turns off for about 10 seconds, then red light turns on solid again and does not turn off. Vehicle does not start. Key in ignition is not mimicked either.

Please help.

posté Jan 8, 2017 dans la catégorie Ford par Pieter Van Zyl (130 points)

1 Réponse

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Make sure the red connector is inserted properly in the EVOALL module, this is the connection that will feed ignition and starter...

Dark blue wire is hood input and should not be put to ground.
répondu Jan 9, 2017 par Pieter Van Zyl (85,190 points)
The red connector is properly plugged in. I also inspected the wires and pins and they are in good condition.
Did you finally figure out what was wrong? I have a 2011 F150 and mine is doing the exact same thing
What is the service number to your module Landon?

Also when you say "exact same thing" you mean ignition turn on but car does not start?