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2016 Ram 1500 Tip Key

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I purchased the EVO CHR-T6 and the Flash Link kit for my 2016 Ram 1500, Tip Key.

I noticed there are two (2) different installation guides: Regular Install with T Harness and Standalone Install with T Harness.

Which installation guide should I follow for my truck?
posté Jan 6, 2017 dans la catégorie Ram par THeadUSMC (460 points)

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If the evo-chrt6 is the only thing you are installing you will follow the stand alone guide.


Here is the link:
répondu Jan 6, 2017 par derek ! (284,920 points)
élue Jan 7, 2017 par THeadUSMC
Thank you. I did notice that the standalone mentions a hood pin and valet switch.

Will I need either? Sorry, probably overthinking this.
Yes I would strongly suggest the hood pin switch for saftey reason....Wouldn't wanna accidentally remote start the truck when someone was working on the engine...
Any recommendation on what type of connectors to use for the numerous wire connections? Just want to make it right the first time.