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G35 OEM alarm not arming (turning on)

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Hello all. I have a 2005 Infiniti G35 (automatic; not intellikey, not push start) and I just installed a Fortin EVO-ONE with the NIS2 T-Harness and a Compustar Slice Remote. I can lock, unlock, release the trunk, and remote start/stop the car. My problem is that the OEM Alarm doesn't seem to turn on when I lock the car. The alarm no longer activates when the car is manually unlocked from inside and opened. Regarding connected wires:

  • A8 (Dk. Blue) (- GRW) is not connected to anything
  • A15 (Pink/Black) (- Hood pin) is not connected to anything
  • D6 (White/Red) (Security light) is not connected to anything
  • D4 (White/Green) (Security light) is not connected to anything
  • Lt. Blue on the T-Harness isn't connected to anything
  • Lt. Blue/Black on the T-Harness isn't connected to anything
  • I cut the security light wire in the g35 (identified via wirecolor diagrams). The wires aren't connected to anything.

Is there anything I'm missing or do I have to turn on a specific setting via Flashlink Updater 2 (which I have)?

Thanks in advance for your help.

posté Jan 5, 2017 dans la catégorie Infiniti par Brenan Salgado (230 points)

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You need to connect lock/arm and unlock/disarm from the evo (purple & purple/white wires) to the lock unlock wires in the car.

Once you do this turn off option A1 in the bypass and you will be able to arm/disarm the oem alarm from the after market remote.
répondu Jan 5, 2017 par derek ! (285,990 points)
élue Jan 6, 2017 par Brenan Salgado
Ah, it's that last step I didn't do. Do I need to unplug everything from the evo one before flashing it or can I leave everything plugged in and just connect the flashlink 2 updater to it?
Unplug the evo from the vehicle when hooking it up to the flash link.
Turning off the option A1 in bypass made the evo one no longer respond to lock and unlock commands from my aaftermarket/compustar remote. Is that normal? I turned it back on so that the evo one would respond to my compustar remote again.