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2016 mustang flashing dome lights while started

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2016 mustang installed evo one

works fine

factory dome lights flashing during running with factory igition
posté Dec 3, 2016 dans la catégorie Ford par james mcelroy (130 points)

2 Réponses

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Verify connection of green/red and green/white wires and make sure they are not reversed.
répondu Dec 5, 2016 par james mcelroy (85,190 points)
hi matt,

the green /red,green/white you are referring to ?

i dont have either in this install ? i am using evo-one

can you clarify ?
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Did you find an aswer to why this happened?

We are having the same issue, we used an EVO-ALL it programmed and now we have completely removed it and the dome lights are flashing while ignitions on now?

Any fix?
répondu Mai 8, 2017 par Daniel Gardener (150 points)
This is something new ford has done. It is the car telling you it sees something wrong...

If the dome light is flashing this measn there is a issue with the wiring/modules in the vehicle.

A quick google search ( reveals loads of people are seeing this issue on newer fords when changing the battery or messing around with wiring.

If any connectors were unplugged i suggest taking a look at the pins to ensure that nothing is out of place. Also verify any wires that were touched during installation.

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