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Trouble with parking lights,trunk release, start 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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1)  I am having difficulty getting the parking lights to function with mmy install using the wire color .com wire suggestion.  I found that a + green/white at the fuse box is suggested widely on other sites on the internet.  This wire does test out for the parking lights.  Am I missing something or is it an error on the wirecolor site?

I see the factory unit flashes the hazard lights.  I don't see any change of state on the gn/oe in either case.  

2)  I am able to use the fortin remotes to lock and unlock, but not release the trunk. I tried changing to the 2.5s pulse and unlock before release options, but no luck.  Still working with a double key of the factory remote.

3)  I can't remote start.   I try to enter the ready mode (running, apply foot brake, hand brake, release brake, press start on remote (3s), turn off ignition, open and close doors).  but as soon as the ignition is turned off, car shuts down.   I can't restart.   

remote start version 1.20

bypass 74.22
posté Nov 20, 2016 dans la catégorie Mitsubishi par Corey Church (170 points)
modifié Nov 20, 2016 par Corey Church

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1) There are many wires that can be powered, if you want to use the green/white go for it !

2) The doors must be unlocked first to open the trunk. You can set option 34 to mode 3 to have the module automatically unlock the doors before opening the trunk.

3) After you will have connected the parking light correctly, the lights will flash to say why it didn't enter ready mode. You can also look on the side of the module next to the yellow loop the LED will flash after you have press the start button. How many times does it flash?
répondu Nov 20, 2016 par Corey Church (85,190 points)
1)  I suppose I should have been more clear.  The green/orange wire suggested doesn't got to the park lights or the hazards, so I just wondered if I had the wrong idea of what it was controlling. I have a relay wired in but as soon as I connect the pink wire from the 20 pin connector, the relay picks up - the neg source seems to always be on.  Really it is fine, I just looked at the light as you describe next to the auto loop.  

2)  Yes I tried the default, long pulse and unlock+pulse settings with no trunk release.  The doors unlocked on that setting but no release.  It works fine still with the oem fob.

3)  There are 3 flashes when I try to do ready mode, and 3 flashes if I randomly try to start it, meaning ready mode disabled,  

Something I just thought of, while programming and so on, I never did get the horn to honk.  

1) There might be more than one green/orange wire in the vehicle, the one you are looking for will show 12v+ when the parking light are on. If the pink wire shows a constant ground output it might have been damaged from improper connection.

2) Applying a ground to the wire shown on wirecolor does not open the trunk ? You are probably on the wrong wire.

3) When the ignition is on, is the yellow LED on the module is on ? Sounds like the module doesn't see tach.
1)  Ok, perhaps I found the wrong green/orange, and I did try a few idea's and could have damaged the output I suppose.  Would it have damaged anything else?

2)  This obviously was my first digital install - I thought the can bus did the trunk, but I see now that it is just a status.  This likely sounds silly but how do I program the in's and outs on the starter to operate different items - I can only see the configuration for items on the E connector.

3)  Yes I have a yellow solid with the key in the run position.  I guess I should ask - does the unit get the tach signal off the can-bus  or do I hard wire it, and to where?
1) ''Shouldn't'' but electronics tend to be unpredictable.

2) The negative trunk output on EVOONE is yellow/black

3) Yes tach comes in from canbus. How many flash are you getting ?
Sorry thought I posted that. I have 3 flashes which i think means not in ready mode but that is what I'm trying to do!
Make sure the yellow from the 20 pin connector of the evoone is getting ignition signal.
I got the car back in today.  I am now able to get to remove the key close the door and the car shuts down like it should in the ready mode, however, after a second or so I get the decending melody on the remote and if I try to remote start it, I get 3 parking light flashes as if it has exited ready mode.  I checked yellow wire it is good.  I can always lock and unlock.
I found this ( will attempt this fix.  If it does, perhaps a change should be made to the suggested wiring configuration to correct it for others.
My car didn't have any extra pins in the connector described by the poster, so I'm back at a non function.  I removed the dk blu from the gwr wire.  It is now starting properly.  Is there any concern that is found with the lack of GWR?  Thanks

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