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2012 Ford Fusion Evo Fort 1 door pin green / violet connector spot 9, no wire assigned to that spot. Any Ideas?

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Evo Fort 1. I took the connector off for the door pin.  The 26 pin connector where the directions say pin number 9 is suppossed to be the green violet.  I took the connector apart and there is no wire associated with pin slot 9.  Any idea on where my door pin should be?  With that said is pin 8 and 6 for the lock unlock feature going to be in a different location as well?
posté Nov 12, 2016 dans la catégorie Ford par Jesten Mcdaniel (190 points)

1 Réponse

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Are you using an external starter/rf kit or just 3x lock? lock are done via data on a 2012 fusion and the door pin wire should be in pin 14 not 9 as stated in the guide
répondu Nov 13, 2016 par Adam Pepin (10,150 points)