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Activation code not working

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I used my activation code to check out how your web page I am ready to install everything and now it says that the activation code doesn't work.

it is for the vehicle i first looked up.......just want to do the install now

is there a way to acess the vehicle or am I hooped now


I did not realize that the activation code was a one time thing, I thought it perminently unlocked that perticular vehicle.

thank you
posté Sept 27, 2016 dans la catégorie Ford par Philip Emke (130 points)

1 Réponse

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Hi Philip,

What vehicle were you trying to access?\

répondu Sept 27, 2016 par Alexandre Messier (2,580 points)
modifié Juin 6, 2020 par Alexandre Messier
t's a 2010 Ford Escape

I have the EVO ALL and a Code alarm remote starter, i'm trying to figure out the wiring but i was dumb and didn't realize it was a one time access
It happens.

I will email you the wiring chart for this vehicle.