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Colors and numbers of wires in 30-pin connector in vehicle do not match with details in EVO-ALL installation guide!

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I am attempting to install an EVO-ALL stand alone remote starter on a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (2016, push-to-start). Until I got to the 30-pin connector the installation proceeded smoothly as described in this guide:


As you can see from my attached photos the wires on the 30-pin connector in question look different than the one pictured in the guide downloaded from ('58691.pdf'). A couple of wires do not exist in my vehicle (among others: blue and red wires for tapping into RX and TX respectively).


Do you have any recommendations on how I can continue and complete the installation?




Link to previously attached photos:

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Its the correct connector from what I can see.

Sometimes Rx and Tx will be empty pins so you will have to insert the wires into the connector to make contact with the pins at the bcm.

From what I can see Can Hi and Lo are both there as well as the parking light wire.

Rx and Tx are empty so you will need to insert the wires into the connector. Ill link a picture of how this is normally done.
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Here is an example of how to insert wires into empty cavities in connectors.

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Thanks for your reply!


The method shown in your photo for wiring into an empty slot looks more of a temporary solution e.g. for testing purposes. What other lasting methods are there for this application? What are these connectors (including the pins inside) called in the automotive industry?


If I decide to pursue your method above should I first solder the conductor before inserting it into the connector?

It would be pretty hard to solder onto the pin at the BCM without damaging or touching the other pins.

If you wanted once you make the connecting and have verified everything is working you could put a small dab of hot glue in the empty pin hole were the wire has been inserted to ensure it never pulls out.

Or lastly you can google it im sure their are forums with people figuring out their own way on how to make this type of connection. The above method is the way I was shown but their is more than one way to get the job done im sure.