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2008 Silverado WT not remote starting with EVO-GMT & RF Kit

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I Installed a Fortin EVO-GMT in my 2008 Chevrolt Silverado WT.  The lock/unlock function works, but attempting to start results in the dash lights and accessories turning on for several seconds, turning off momentarily, turning back on for several seconds, then the red light flashing 3 times before failing to start. (The starter does not crank).

I know this unit is capable of starting the truck - I initially misprogrammed the RF (FTX-64-2W) as H1 rather than H2 - which caused the unlock to not work, and a strange combination of buttons on the remote would start the truck.  After reprogramming it to H2, the symptoms above became aparent.

*Kit is being used as stand-alone, truck does not have factory remote.

Any help is appreciated.
posté Juin 1, 2016 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par Jacob Gerten (310 points)

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It appears that the problem is that I decrypted the key, then updated the firmware.  Updating the firmware must have wiped out the stored key.

I re-program and decrypted the key and all works well- lock, unlock, and remote start
répondu Juin 3, 2016 par Jacob Gerten (310 points)
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What is the service number to the module? It can be located on the back of the unit.

Also did you do the dcryptor programming?

3 red light flashes after it tries to start means "no tach" but obviously it saw no tach signal as the truck did not start.
répondu Juin 1, 2016 par derek ! (277,310 points)
001A06596481: I've just added it to the original question.
Turn off options B2 and option G in the evo-all, then re test the installation.

No need to re program the module when changing options.

Also when you programmed the module at step 5 did the blue led turn off when you pressed the programming button?

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