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How to wire a Compustar CM7000 to the Evo-all (Evo-GMT4) using idatalink

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I have a 2007 Chevy Avalanche. i purchased CM7000, Evo-All with T-harness, and a drone Dr-3100.

 I installed the evo-all using the T-harness, hoping for a quick and easy installation. After the Evo was installed and programmed, I am able to use the OEM remote to start/stop the vehicle, it works fine.  I then attempted to connect the CM7000 alarm/remote start to the Evo-all using "connection A", installation with Data-Link. Here is where I might be missing something. The instructions detail how to add a remote start to the Evo, so i assume it would be the same for the CM7000 Remote/alarm combo. 

The instructions state that only the the ignition out wire needs to be connected to the Evo-all From the CM7000, and that some alarm require the 12v Battery wire to be connected directly to the T-harness, so I tried it with the 12v wire both ways.

From the CM7000, I connected the 12V Green ignition wire on the Low current ignition harness (CN3) to the yellow ignition wire (A1) on the Evo. i am using a Compustar 2-way remote (2W704R-SH) with the alarm.  it was my understanding that the instalation with Data-link is suppose to greatly reduce the number of wires that you have to connect. I changed option F2 from "Fortin" to "AP-OFA" then the 2-way remote locks and unlocks the doors.

My problem is that when i try to use the 2-way remote to start the vehicle, nothing happens. Its like the alarm is not communicating with the evo or the vehicle. None of the lights on the dash light up.  However I am able to Lock and Unlock the using the 2-way with no problems.   i took it a step further and attempted to connect the Black status out wire from compustuar's 20-pin harness (CN5) to the Ground while running Dk. Blue wire on the Evo, and also the 12v yellow starter output from the compustar ignition harness, to the red/blue start wire of the Evo.  when trying to remote start

  1. Are there any other wires from the CM7000 that i need to connect (or connect to the Evo) in order for the remote start to work? the Door locks are working fine. I was under the impression that no other connections were needed since i would be using the Idatalink installation.
  2. Will any of the the wires (other than the siren, parking light, and hood pin) need to be wired directly to the vehicle in order for this alarm to work or will it all be handled thru the data-link?
  3. Does the horn output work thru the data-link or will it need to be wired directly to the vehicle?
  4. What could my issue be?

Thanks in Advance!

posté Mai 16, 2016 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par Breon Melson (150 points)

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You have to open the compustar and cut the loop inside for automatic transmission. Disconnect the module, cut the loop and then reconnect. You will also have to go through the tach learning procedure on the compustar. Refer to the installation guide.

Horn have to be connected to the vehicle, but if you are already using a siren I guess the horn is useless.
répondu Mai 16, 2016 par Breon Melson (85,070 points)
It's at the default setting. I didn't change it. I think the default is AP/OFA.

Looking at the evo service number my next suggestion would be as follows for the option configuration:

Turn ON options A1-A11, C1 & F2

Turn OFF all other options.

After turning on the options mentioned above, and turning off all other options, I was able to remote start the vehicle with no problems.  i also was able to connect the Drone to the CM7000 and its working as expected.   Thanks!  you guys are awesome! i would have never figured out how to configure the Evo.

I did notice one thing.  at first I was using the grey port on the CM7000.  in order to get the vehicle to remote start, i had to run the parking brake wire from the CM7000 to the foot brake wire on the Drone. would this connection even be needed when using the datalink?  I didnt disconnect this wire, but i noticed that when i start my vehicle, i get a message on the dash DIC saying "park assist off" and my back up parking sensors are no longer working.  i wasnt sure if this was a coincidence, or if wiring the foot brake, or the parking light wire could be the cause?


Also, i did not run the starter kill, since my vehicle does not have a starter wire.  if wanted to add the starter kill, as mentioned in the PDF that you sent me, would i use the Ignition wire instead?
Parking brake is usually a negative input / output were as foot brake is a positive input / might wanna contact drone / compustar on that...I'm not to familiar with their product maybe they have a reason for doing this?

If you are going to do a starter kill use the cm7000. As for doing it with the ignition wire this may affect the timming of things when remote starting.


Glad you got it all figured out and working as it should!!
Ok thanks!  i'll disconnect the parking brake wire as this may not be needed, especially since i'm now using the black port on the CM7000.

i'm glad everything is now working.

Thanks for your help!

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