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A19 Lock/Unlock signal output delay

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Installed a keyless entry + push start system with EVO-ALL as immobilizer bypass in my 2014 Ford Focus. The Lock/Unlock (-) outputs from the keyless entry module are connected to A2(Lock)/A3(Unlock) inputs of EVO-ALL respectively. Further, A19 (Lock/Unlock signal) of EVO-ALL is connected to central lock switch of the vehicle.

The problem is, when I approach the vehicle with a Smart Key and as soon as the key is in range/detected, I hear the fuel pump priming sound and then after 3-4 seconds, the vehicle is unlocked. However, if I connect the lock/unlock ouputs from keyless entry directly to the vehicle's central lock switch, the fuel pump priming and vehicle unlock happen at the same time with no delay.

What could be causing delay in unlocking the vehicle?

Thank you!
posté Avr 18, 2016 dans la catégorie Ford par Dinesh Koya (780 points)

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The module will trigger ignition for a second to disarm the factory alarm. If you connect directly to the switch, it will not work at all when the alarm is armed.
répondu Avr 18, 2016 par Dinesh Koya (85,190 points)

Could you please suggest connections for a faster lock/unlock behavior?
Btw, my car is not equipped with factory alarm!

Connecting lock/unlock outtputs from keyless entry module directly is not a solution for me as the radio, dome lights are not being controlled properly (Radio and domelight turn on/stay on after locking the vehicle).
Did you cut and connect the drivers door pin wire as shown in the diagram for RAP control?
Yes, A17 and A18 connected for RAP control!
When the remote start run time expires or you shut down the vehicle via the remote does the radio stay on?
Sorry! I don't have remote starter feature enabled as vechile is manual transmission.

I set it up smiply as a keyless entry + push start system.
Radio and Dome Light will turn off via the RAP control. Either you currently do not have the right wire or A17 and A18 are reversed.
I think the RAP control wires are connected as per the instructions, correct wire and right order! However, I will check this again!

For the lock/unlock problem, should I connect the kelyess entry moduel lock/unlock outputs directly to the central lock switch and leave out A19?
If you connect them directly you are going to have the problem mentioned before. No RAP control. It must be connected as shown in the installation guide for proper operation. Their is no way around the 2 second delay. It is proper operation of the module.