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2011 fusion evo all with t harness standalone wont start car

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serial number is 001a06548613

when hitting the lock button the blue leds will flash each time, but no red led to start. Also there was no yellow led illuminated for the second key.
posté Fev 21, 2016 dans la catégorie Ford par sumner hoback (130 points)

1 Réponse

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Make sure the hood is closed when remote starting and all doors are closed. Have you reset the module at any point ?
répondu Fev 22, 2016 par sumner hoback (85,190 points)
All doors were closed. I have an updater coming today to make sure I didn't reset the module on accident. What settings should I have active to just start the car? Everything programmed exactly like the installation instructions state. It just won't start
Anything else I can try? I'd really like to get this thing finished today. I grounded the dark blue wire from the 20 pin and the red led on the module did illuminate. Is the module not programmed for stand alone?
correct doing this test confirms it is not in stand alone. Once you get your updater turn on options C1 and D1 for stand alone remote start and be sure to save the options. Then simply plug it back in (if its already been programmed you don't need to program it again) and test your installation.