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2014 Subaru Forester EVO One Dcryptor programming problem Step 5

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I wired up the EVO One with the T-harness, updated the firmware, enabled C1 and 3X remote start.  When I attempt to program it, I can get the Red/Blue, lights flashing 5x times per second, but as soon as I turn the key to start the lights go straight to red/blue.  If I press the lock button 3 times the car will start, but then shut off immediately.
posté Fev 5, 2016 dans la catégorie Subaru par Steven Coffey (180 points)

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Hi Steven,

Try using the most up-to-date version of Firmware on the Bypass and on the Remote Starter side.

If you still have the same result, take a look at the (~) IMO Lt.Blue/Black In/Out A10 Connection. That wire is used for IMOBILIZER programing.

D3 Yellow/Red / D2 Yellow/Blue Opens the vehicle IMOBILIZER data Line.  If you are on the right vehicle IMOBILIZER wire, the vehicle should not start with the red connector disconnected.



répondu Fev 5, 2016 par Charles Beauchamp (9,020 points)
Hi Charles,

Thanks for your response.  I noticed you said to use D3/D2, but on the directions it says to use D1/D3.  I'll double check the connections there as well.

I can start the car using the key with the EVO-One completely disconnected.  None of the key functions work though from the FOB.
You should not be able to start the vehicle with the red Evo-One connector unplugged, if it starts it means you are not on the right IMMOBILIZER wires.
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Looking at your service number, the dcryptor process was not completed properly, Please do a reset of the bypass and redo programming, please verify that there is minimum 12.4v at the battery before starting the dcryptor programming in the vehicle.

Also do not forget to update the dcryptor clicking on the box "automatically update unit when ready" in the dcryptor tab.

Thank you,
répondu Fev 5, 2016 par JM (61,760 points)
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Thanks for all your responses, I managed to get the EVO One to work.  My 2014 Subaru Forester had different colors than listed in the instructions.  I even checked the wiring diagram on AllData and those had different colors as well.  In the end I took a leap of faith and went off the pin numbers vs the wire color and I was indeed using the wrong wire.
répondu Fev 6, 2016 par Steven Coffey (180 points)
Could you update what wires were different?