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FAQ: How do I know/how to test if my vehicle has an OEM alarm.

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Just figured I would post this as I have often been asked...


" How do I know/how to test if my vehicle has an OEM alarm?"


Really simple to check, perform the following test:.



1- Put down the drivers window.


2- Ensure all doors are closed, including the hood and trunk.


3- Lock the vehicle using the OEM remote.


4- Wait between 45-60 seconds after you have locked the vehicle to allow the system to arm itself.


5- Once you have waited the time period reach inside the drivers door and open the drivers door from the inside handle. (basically replicating someone trying to steal your belongings/vehicle).


6- At this point your alarm will either go off or it won't, answering the question if your vehicle is equipped with a factory alarm!


Side note: good way to also test to see if your vehicle has a factory hood pin that is part of the alarm system is to do the above test but instead of opening the door first, reach in and pull the hood release latch. (useful on newer Mazda vehicles with factory hood pins that are part of the OEM alarm). If no alarm goes off, then open the drivers door. If the alarm goes off when you open the drivers door and not when you open the hood. Then this answers your question if the factory hood pin is part of the alarm system.


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Yes... Best anwser Derek!
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