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2016 Mazda CX-5 EVO-MAZT1 Programmed but does not start

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We have a 2016 Mazda CX-5 GT w/Tech.

I've programmed, reset, and re-programmed the module 3 times now. Hardware v6; the firmware has been updated to the latest as of today (71.34 I believe). The device is set to OEM remote standalone remote starter, 3x lock remote start, 15 minute run.

It's installed and has been programmed following the instructions, #35221 Connection 1 (REMOTE CAR STARTER ONLY - DOORLOCK BY OEM REMOTE). All of the LEDs on the device match the output described in the instructions after every step except for the very end of the instructions where the red/yellow LEDs alternately blink. I pull the power on the EVO-ALL and then re-plug and all LEDs are dark until remote input.

When I step away from the car (doors shut and locked) the blue LED does light up on each lock press. After three I see the EVO-ALL execute the following LED pattern: Red, long Yellow, Red, long Yellow, then three quick Red blinks. The car does not atempt to start and nothing lights up. The security indicator in the instrument cluster continues to blink. It will continue this pattern every time it sees three lock signals.

When starting the car traditionally, the Yellow LED stays lit. I've read all of the posts here and elsewhere that I can find and I'm not sure what I've missed.
posté Jan 25, 2016 dans la catégorie Mazda par Clay Johnson (130 points)

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After doing the dcryptor process on the computer, the  guide says to do again step 1-12. You really have to do the programming a second time. After it is done you still have the programming to do with the blue LED.

Also make sure that when you try the starter there is no smart key inside the vehicle and the hood is closed.

If you still have problems feel free to call the technical support.
répondu Jan 25, 2016 par Clay Johnson (85,190 points)
Did the user ever get this resolved? i have the same problem 2016 Mazda CX5