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Why can't I seem to download the PDF files anymore?

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I used to be able to download the PDF format for each of the tokens I used on unlocking vehicles. Every time I try now I get an "ERROR" saying that it can't download the file.
posté Jan 6, 2016 dans la catégorie FAQ par Jason Bodie (160 points)

2 Réponses

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We are aware of this at the moment, We are currently working on getting this issue resolved with our it department.

We appreicate your patience in the matter.
répondu Jan 6, 2016 par derek ! (284,570 points)
Okay, it's been a couple of months now and I still cannot download the PDF files. What can be done to resolve this? Thanks!
Where are trying to download pdfs from? What vehicle?
What's the progress on this? I managed to download 1 guide today, but I'm trying to download the TOYOTA CAMRY - PUSH-TO-START (2015-2016) right now and it's failing with "TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get image:"

This happens on a lot of guides and I've wasted about 5 tokens in the process.
Odd. That Download PDF is not functioning from external sources. Send us an email at . I'll send you the pdf of wirecolor.


The actual installation guides are functioning and also available on .
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We got this feature working again!

PDF's can be downloaded as long as you have a subscription that allows it!

Best Regards.
répondu Mar 15, 2016 par derek ! (284,570 points)