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my 2012 focus dont stopping after remote start

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hello i installed evo-fort1 with t-harness and stand alone system  in my 2012 auto trans. focus

when i push 3x lock: car is starting everything is well!!

but when i try to stop with remote key its dont stop

car dont recieve clocking signal because gates and parking lights is not changing anything

i can only stop car whith black connector remove please help
posté Jan 5, 2016 dans la catégorie Ford par kaga baba (250 points)

1 Réponse

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Question, after remote starting the car using 3xlock, and then pressing on the brake on the brake, does the vehicle shut off? If not, what do the leds do on the unit?
répondu Jan 5, 2016 par Robert T (280,410 points)
dear sir

no i didnt try to press brake,

is it not possible remote stop with oem key?

some youtube videos they can stop with remote oem key

video :
yes, you should be able to stop the car with 3xlock if it was started with 3xlock. Watch the blue led, it shold be blinking on every lock press while the car is running. Also, we need too know if the vehicle shuts off when pressing the brake.
now i checked

it is stopping when press brake  after 3xlock remote start

when i try remote stop blue is not flashing after 3xlock remote start


can i do anything?

here is video:
have you tried updating the firmware to the newest firmware using the flash link updater?? Just a suggestion, maybe re program it afterwards as well...
my firmware already latest version
really? Odd when i punched in your service number it shows it as being a few version down from the latest...It says you have 71.28 and the latest version is 71.32...
dear sir yes i know my firmware 28 but after 28 updates not about my car so not necessary

Is this a European vehicle or a North American vehicle?

Try reprogramming only the can-bus. this is easy to do:

  • Disconnect the evo
  • Hold down programming button.
  • Plug in power and release when led is blue.
  • Connect remaining connectors
  • Turn ignition on.
  • Blue LED will start to flash to confirm programming
  • turn ignition off


If the above does not work, update the evo to the latest firmware, reset it, and redo the programming procedure (and reenable the 3xlock options).


dear sir my car is european car i tryed to start with my spare OEM key and tryed the door lock with master key but it doesnt working i think car is blocking can bus locking after car starting so no have solution
Apologies for late reply. It's highly possible that the oem remotes do not work while the vehicle is running.

If you were to add an rf-kit, this would allow you to lock-unlock all the time.

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