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2006 Dodge Ram red security light flashes on remote start

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Hello there,

I have an EVO-ALL (service # 001A06416265) with a Crimestopper LCPro-4.  It has been working just fine on my 2006 Ram 1500 up until recently.  I recently bought two Sentry Keys for my truck, which I programmed myself using the customer key programming described in the Dodge owner's manual.  I have a total of 5 keys for the truck now, all of them work properly.

The problem I am experiencing - whenever I remote start the truck, the red security light in the instrument cluster blinks.  It continues to blink even after I insert a key and take over from remote start.  The only way to get the light to shut off is to shut off the truck and restart with the key.  The odd thing is the truck starts and runs just fine when remote started...everything works the same as it did before, but now that security light blinks.

I plugged my OTC Genisys scan tool into the truck and get a code:  P0513 "invalid SKIM key".  I cleared the codes.  The same code comes back if I remote start the truck.

I did a Master Reset on my EVO-ALL module, and went through the programming procedure on it again.  It completed programming successfully.  No change.  All functions still work, but the red light is still blinking when the truck is remote started.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

-Darren Asuncion
posté Dec 20, 2015 dans la catégorie Dodge par Darren Asuncion (920 points)
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Hey Darren. I have honestly no idea why it started doing that after programming new keys to the car. :)


When you start it with the keys (all of them), is that security light blinking? From my understanding, the security light does not flash if started with the key, I just need confirmation that with all the keys, the security light is not present. Feel free to post a video if you want, it's not necessary though.




répondu Dec 22, 2015 par Robert T (284,630 points)
You will need to specify the year make and model of your vehicle as well as the 12 digit service number on the bottom of the unit. and the guide number you followed.
Yes, the issue was resolved not too long ago (I didn't have a chance to take my truck apart until recently).  The fix was updating the EVO-ALL firmware from 74.20 to 74.30.

I still get a P0513 code, but the red light no longer blinks when the truck is remote started.  Good enough for me.

Just as an aside - in the process of diagnosing the problem, I tried interrupting the igntion as was suggested earlier, and that did not fix the flashing security light I reverted the wiring back to how I had it initially.  The firmware update is what fixed the problem for me.

Hope this helps!
Derek, no on the ignition interrupt unless it's handled by the t-harness, none of the factory wiring was cut. Service number on the module is 001A06674180, this thread came up as my first google result searching my symptoms so I just thought I'd see if Darren had found a resolution.

Rico, truck is an 06 Ram 3500 Diesel. Service number is as stated above. The guide I followed is for the Evo-CHRT5 example D for installation with data link. The bypass module is running a Viper 5706v starter/alarm combo by way of D2D. The wiring is almost as shown in the guide however, it wouldn't start the truck until I put +12v to the ignition2/flex relay input on the Viper unit.

Darren, thanks for the follow up. I have no codes and I'm running 74.30 already so I'm kinda scratching my head on this one. I get the flashing security light and the key doesn't seem to takeover when I put it into the ignition. Also, the foot brake shuts down the gauges but doesn't kill the engine. Putting the key in and turning it to run starts the gauges back up but then turning the key off just kills gauges. I have to remote stop the engine, the key won't do it.
Can you please try downgrading the firmware to 74.18 and re- test in the vehicle.


If the above firmware does not fix the issue, one other test to be to redo the connections to type F (standalone) and test it using 3xlock. just to rule out any possibility that the Viper unit is sending something on the datalink connection.


Thank you,
Downgrading the firmware had no change, I'll have to make some time to redo the wiring in the next little while.