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Audi A3 Yellow Ignition + Airbag

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Hello, following the instructions through the Fortin & wire-colour sites, the yellow ignition wire connection is under the steering column.  The picture on wire-colour shows the airbag controller dissasembled.  The airbag module on the A3 is sealed with a caution sticker suggesting that the airbag must be disabled before disasembling - I can't find instructions on your **** or wire-colour for disabling the airbag, and neither **** specify that work is required around the airbag controller.  I'm aware that airbag capacitors carry a charge even after the battery is disconnected, and I attempted to disconnect the ingition harnes and gain access to the yellow wire without messing with the airbag controller, but since the ignition wires pass through behind it, it seems impossible to access the wire and make that connection without dissasembling the airbag controller - I abandoned installation at this point as I could not find a safe way to proceed.  Even without disassembling the airbag controller, the air bag warning is now lit in the dash and will need to be cleared - it must have sensed that I was poking around.

Since airbags are both expensive and critical for safety, can you provide more detail on steps to access the yellow ignition wire, and how to disable the airbag without risking firing it, or accidentaly breaking it/permanently disabling it?


posté Dec 16, 2015 dans la catégorie Audi par Rob Brown (140 points)

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What year is your car i will look into this and get you the right information. Definitely not in the airbag connector that's 100% for sure
répondu Dec 16, 2015 par Derek (186,900 points)
Thanks Derek,

its a 2006 Audi A3 auto.

The ignition wire doesn't connect to the airbag, but passes through between the controller and the steering column, not enough slack to cut and splice, and I can't trace it back without moving the airbag controller as far as I can tell.

Yellow wire is ignition one at the ignition harness

You can't get at that harness without disassembling the airbag module, which is sealed with a factory caution to not disassemble unless the airbag is disabled. My question is how to get at that wire, and how to disable the airbag if the harness in this picture is the only point of access. Look at the other picture from wire colour and you'll see the airbag module has been disassembled to get that picture.
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We do not have specific information as to how to remove that unit. 


That's the Steering Column Electronics Systems Control Module. It is not the main air bag control module. The main air bag module is sealed up and tucked away somewhere safe and sound in the vehicle. But, their are some controls for the steering wheel air bag in there. 


That module is clipped into the steering column via two spring retainers but also has one bolt hidden in the front behind the actual steering wheel.


The following is directly from Audi service and repair.


  • Disconnect battery ground wire.
  • Observe airbag system safety precautions.
  • Remove the steering wheel.
  • Remove steering column switch module.
  • Remove bolt - arrow - (2 Nm) below spiral spring.


The Steering Column Electronic Systems Control Module (J527) is secure to steering column module with two spring retainers.

  • Release springs - 1 - and - 2 - with a small screwdriver.


I have given all the above information on the grounds that you are a seasoned automotive installer/technician and that this is not your personal vehicle.


répondu Dec 18, 2015 par Robb (237,900 points)
modifié Dec 18, 2015 par Robb
The picture on wirecolor looks like it was taken while R&D was working on the vehicle back in 2006. Hence why it's the actual circuit board you see and not the complete control module.