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Kia forte don't crank exterior lights flash

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When pressing on the remote the exterior lights flash like the car would like to start but nothing happen.  Constated that the 3 light of the fortin coupe dosen't light, except the yellow light of the ignition when key is on but engine off. The only information I got from the troubleshoot was the verify the power ground of the module, ground and 12v is there.  

All other options work fine on it.  Saw three fuses under the dash and nothing blown.  Need more infos the continue troubleshoot thanks.

The module installed is fortin evo-all

posté Dec 6, 2015 dans la catégorie Kia par eric desjardins (130 points)

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The red led is supposed to turn on when activating the remote starter. If the red led is not turning on, then the evo is not being activated. This means that the Dark Blue wire of the 20-pin connector on the evo-all is not seeing a ground signal when the remote starter is activated.

You can test this by simply grounding the ground-while-running wire of the evo-all (dark blue wire from 20-pin connector). The red led will turn on as soon as it is grounded. Then try remote starting. If the car starts up fine, this means the ground-while-runing wire of the evo-all is not connected properly.

Please indicate the 12 digit service number of the evo-all and also which type of remote starter you are using. If using datalink, both remote starter and evo-all need to have their datalink protocols set properly.
répondu Dec 6, 2015 par Robert T (284,630 points)