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Acura TL no start with 3x lock

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2010 Acura TL PTS doesn't start with 3x lock. I see the module going from red to red and blue but doesn't start.

I have a LED status light hooked up to my remote start and it isn't on or blinking at all. So I'm thinking it's an issue on the remote start side? Not sure where to start. I've programmed the evo successfully multiple times.
posté Nov 29, 2015 dans la catégorie Acura par Jesse (230 points)

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we do not monitor the oem remotes on this vehicle (at least it's not listed as a compatible feature), and the EVO-ALL cannot be used as a stand alone remote starter in this vehicle (i see that you currently have the option on).

You can find the EVO-ALL last tested compatible features for the 2010 TL Push:


If the remote starter you have says it can function off the oem remote, it would have an analog trigger wire that you would need to connect to the vehicles lock wires. You would also want to disable option D1 and C1 as they are not compatible with this vehicle.


Note: OEM remote monitoring was not an available feature of the evo-all in 2010. It is possible that the evo-all can monitor the oem remotes through can-bus. If it does, the blue led on the evo-all will flash once on every lock press and twice on unlock press. If it does function, leave option C1 enable, and if the remote starter accepts it through datalink, you would be able to do 3xlock start without having to connect any analog wire as mentionned in the the previous paragraph.
répondu Nov 29, 2015 par Robert T (284,630 points)
No luck with the hood switch. Not sure how it could be an issue since I'm not grounding it. When I touch the green wire to ground the RS00 clicks twice each time. The LED is still blinking twice. But when I unplug the power for theh RS00 and plug it back in, in hopes of resetting it, I tap the green wire twice and it appears the car goes to on but by the third tap it shuts off and I get that double flash again for hood switch. I'm at a loss.
I also opened the hood and closed it again. As well as disabled A11. It's consistent now. I unplug the RS00, the led stops flashing, tap the green wire, door locks, tap again, locks again, tap again, car turns on then shuts off right after and double flash from there. But once the led flashes, each tap just clicks the RS00. I'm wondering if the double flash(hood switch error) is coming from the car or the RS. So strange.

There is no reason you cant get 3xlock start through data (without needing that green wire) since you told me the blue led flashs once on every lock press. Try this. With C1 enabled, the EVO would see the 3 presses and tell the RS00 through datalink that, "hey man, this guy pressed his lock button 3 times so start the car". :D


  • In the remote starter, Enable Option 5 - datalink Fortin/SL  (sorry, i made you change it earlier). Also make sure option 17 is really set to 3 pulses. 
  • In the EVO-ALL, enable F1 - Fortin. 


now try remote starting with 3 xlock from the factory remote with all doors closed. Don't connect that green wire anywhere. If the remote starter does engage, the RED led on the EVO will turn on. 


Note about hood trigger. If the EVO see's a hood open status on the vehicles can-bus, it will tell the remote starter that the hood is open through datalink. 


One last thing. the only connections necessary for remote start are what is in the evo-all guide (except for the dotted lines). If anything else is connected from the RS00 to the car, remove it for now. Change ground lcoations also.

You da man! I was able to start the car! Tried a few times to confirm as well. One thing I noticed, which may be because of the car itself. I'm not able to shut off the car with 3x lock or PTS button. Only brakes. Which means I can't just drive away once it is remote started either. I notice on the last page of the instructions it says car will shut off when the door is open.

Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus push-to-start vehicles need to shut down on door open. 

The proper procedure to test is to do what would normally happen.

  1. All doors must be closed and locked (like if the has been parked all night)
  2. Remote start the car.
  3. Unlock and open the doors. The car will shut down once you press the brake (not on door open with an Acura TL, just did one of these cars). You can have it shut down on door open though by enabling option D3 in the evo-all.

If the doors are opened while testing teh remote start system, weird things will happen when it comes to take-over. 

I'm not able to shut off the car with 3x lock or PTS button. 

PTS button has to do with the fact you are in the car when testing. The whole smartkey system is off while remote started.

not being able to shut with 3x lock is something i did not think about!! We cannot monitor the factory remotes while the engine is running on most Honda/Acura vehicles (oem remotes do not work while the engine is running, but the button on the door does).... You can see this by looking at the blue led on the evo while it is remote started. Just press the lock buttons of the remote, the blue led will not be flashing. If we cannot detect the lock commands, we cannot tell the remote starter to shut off.