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Correct EVO-ALL settings for 2011 Ford Focus

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I was wondering how my EVO-ALL (stand alone) should be configured in order to turn on my heated seats and rear window defrost on a 2011 Ford Focus SES when it is remote started.  It's hardware version 6 with the latest firmware installed.

The default settings on the EVO-ALL are A1-A11 set to ON, everything else OFF.

I have turned ON C1 & D1, and turned OFF A5 & A6. Is this the correct settings in order to make it automatically turn on defrost/seats?

One other question:  Does D2 need to be set to ON in order to prevent the alarm going off when remote starting or should it be left in the default OFF position?
posté Nov 27, 2015 dans la catégorie Ford par William Gardner (130 points)

1 Réponse

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Heated seats and rear defrost can not bu turned on by the EVOALL in your vehicle. That feature is not available for your vehicle.

In your vehicle D2 does not need to be turned on.
répondu Nov 27, 2015 par William Gardner (85,190 points)

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