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2014 Expedition lock, unlock, driver pin wire color / location.

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Hello, I have a Pro-Start remote starter that will be connected to EVO-all using d2d. I will be using guide 3318, connection 4 as per guide. My question is where do i connect the lock , unlock and driver pin wires of EVO-all to the vehicle? The guide shows to connect the wires from evoall to pins 6,8,9 of the connector in the vehicle for lock/unlock/driver pin. However, slots 8 and 9 are empty and slot 6 is for factory alarm arm. As per Autostart wiring guide, lock is at pin 17, unlock at pin4 and driver pin at pin 14. Can you please clarify where to connect the lock/unlock/driver pin wires from evo-all to the vehicle?


Also, the guide shows to connect the remote start ignition and evo-all keysense wires to the number 1 pin of the PATS module. The guide labeled it as Keysense. The vehicle wiring guide shows it is Pats Ignition and that the keysense wire of the vehicle is at the ignition harness (blue/gray).  Do I go ahead and connect ignition and keysense wire as per evo-all guide? or should i connect to the wire specified in the vehicle wiring guide?

Also, if the vehicle does not have factory alarm, do I still connect notes 1,2,3 (in green). How would i wire connector D (red 6 pin harness of evo-all) if there is no factory alarm?

Last question,  how do i know if the vehicle has 40-bit or 80-bit keys.  Evo-all guide only lists 2014 expedition as 80 bit however, other bypass modules (idatalink) lists this vehicle as 40 bit key. Can you please advise?


Thank you in advance.
posté Oct 13, 2015 dans la catégorie Ford par Orlan (210 points)

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To identify if your vehicle is 40 or 80 bit, test the wire at pin 1 at pats connector.

If the wire has 12v with key inserted = 80 bit

If the wire has 12v with ignition on = 40 bit.


The yellow wire from your evoall goes to pin 1 of pats connector, whatever name that wire has.

If I remember correctly the doorlock might be handled over canbus on this vehicle. Maybe connect everything without doorlock and give it a try.
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Thanks Mathieu for your quick response.  

The guide shows that the door locks are not handled over canbus.  You still have to physically connect lock, unlock and driver pin wires to the vehicle as per evo-all guide. But I will try it though and see if it works.

I'm just a little confused between the evo-all guide and the vehicle wiring guide. As I mentioned, evo-all guide shows lock wire is at pin 6, however vehicle wiring says lock wire is at pin17.  Evo-all guide shows unlock wire is at pin 8, however vehicle wiring says unlock wire is at pin 4.  Evo-all guide shows driver pin wire is at pin 9, however vehicle wiring says driver pin wire is at pin 14. 

Also, the evo-all guide does not show any info (wire color) for expedition.  It only has info for Edge, Explorer, F-Series, Flex (see screenshot below).


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ya, i undestand about the pin numbers. Go with pin location. Except fo the OBD connector, all other connectors are a back view (wire side) of the connector. Pin locations will match up.

That connector at the BCM is the one the top left corner. It's sort of hidden by a wire harness i think.

You can also find the lock-unlock wires in the driver kick panel harness. These will need to be tested (as all wires should anyway). Lock is white/brown ... unlock is blue/brown