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GWR signal putting vehicle into IGN state

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Vehicle is a 2014 Ford Focus manual trans. Installing AdvancedKeys (AK) Smart Keyless Entry + Push Start System along with EVO-ALL.

While switching the vehicle into ACC state with the push button, the AK push start module provides GWR signal to GWR (dark blue wire) of EVO-ALL. This is enabling EVO-ALL as immobilizer bypass (RED led turns ON) and EVO-ALL is actually putting the vehicle into IGN state instead of user-intended ACC state. This is creating a conflict.

Can EVO-ALL be setup in a way to workaround this behavior?

Thank you!
posté Oct 6, 2015 dans la catégorie Ford par Dinesh Koya (780 points)
modifié Oct 6, 2015 par Dinesh Koya

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Disconnect the 6 pin red connector on your evoall and see if it still trigger the ignition. This connection is made only for programming and can be removed for operation.
répondu Oct 7, 2015 par Dinesh Koya (85,190 points)
élue Avr 16, 2016 par Dinesh Koya

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