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F-150 BCM on pass. side; no green/violet wire; and more than one yellow/violet wires.

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Evo-All ForT1 71.28 F150 C1, D1 BCM wiring color guide wrong. Is pass side BCM (not shown in picture) wire colors different from BCM drivers side wire colors shown in diagram?
posté Sept 24, 2015 dans la catégorie Ford par Rich Dilling (150 points)

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Most people do not look at the right place for these wires,  as shown in the drawing of the the BCM it is on the top left of the BCM unit.

répondu Sept 24, 2015 par Rico (54,260 points)

Thanks I found it, but the harness was only a couple of inches long.  I couldn't work with it.  So, I  skipped the BCM wiring.  The EVO programmed correctly without them. I now have remote start with full ac & heat working great.  It runs for 15 min.  I will hook up the valet switch and put the body panels on in the morning. You were a great help,  but I skipped those steps.

I would have paid an extra $20 if Fortin made an extension harness to work with the F-150 installation.  Fortin are you listening?

Extension harness is defininetly something too look into.
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All these wires are available in the drivers side kick panel. Going to the passenger side is not required.
répondu Sept 25, 2015 par JEREMY JOHNSON (1,820 points)

Jeremy, my appologies.  I have replaced my response with this:

Your initial comment to me was typical of many of these forums where someone is told they are wrong but no explanation is given and that is unfortunate.  You stated that the wires were also available on the drivers side.  Thank you for that.  But you failed to provide me with any specifics.


Most of us are not trained and rely on people like you for helpful information.  Just telling someone they are wrong without pointing us in the right direction is frustrating at the least.  If you are not inclined to provide specifics, how about a weblink where we can do more research?  At least I did put in the Fortin weblink when I replied to you that the BCM is on the passenger side and I would have inserted a picture like Jesus Monroy did for me. I just haven't figured out how to post the graphic.


I'm sorry about the negative vote and I have corrected that.  I would gladly give positive votes for helpful information. 


So can or will anyone give us specifics on finding those exact wires??


Again, thanks to Jesus, Jeremy, and Robert.  You guys rock.

There is more than 1 way to skin the cat. Often when these instructions are made, they are using Ford oem wiring diagrams. However just because the easiest place to find the wires in the diagrams is at the bcm, this doesn't mean they aren't available elsewhere in the vehicle. Their diagram is simply 1 solution, not always the best solution. I am a long time installer with hundreds and hundreds of Ford trucks under my belt. (I work at a Ford dealer) the door pin wire and park light wires are indeed in the drivers kicks panel, in the same place as the lock and unlock wires. Just trying to give you an easier solution. Therefore no extension is actually needed. A better solution would be to Re-write the instructions and not have an extension. To give my answer a negative is just silly when you don't understand the fact that they are indeed there on the drivers side. My solution is much better than the actual diagrams and will be backed up by any professional installer who does this for a living. ;)
Actually, what Jeremy is saying is correct. When we bring in vehicles, we mostly grab wiring at the simplest place for us to guarantee successful tests. Once guides are out and if we get a lot of feedback from installers about easier to grab positions we would then consider changing the guide around. As an installer myself, i'll often find myself looking for wiring elsewhere (as long as i know how to properly test whatever it is i am looking for)
That driver door pin connection is used for rearming the factory alarm (if equipped) and also shutting down the RAP once the vehicle has shut down after its 15 minute runtime.
They are down in the drivers kick panel where the wires come down then curve to go horizontially to the rear.

Same as lock/unlock.


But, there are several colors the same and you do indeed need to test to make sure you are on the right wire.

yellow/green is the praking lights and is easy to test for by turning on and off the parklight switch with your meter connected.

Green violet is, as Robert mentioned, for RAP shutdown (retained accessory power) On your Ford, the radio will stay on for about 10 minutes or until a door is opened after the engine shutgs off. Most of the time this isnt an issue since you are exiting the vehicle after you shut off the engine.

But when the remote start shuts off, there may not be anyone coming or going, thus the radio stays on.

Not a big deal at the end of the day. Many installers dont bother as the accessories will indeed shut off after a period of time. But if you have a weak battery or are extremely picky, then you may wish to do the rap connection.

To test, put your meter on the suspected wire and close/open the drivers door. You should see it go between 12v and 0v. You can also use a screwdriver to close the door latch, simulating closing the door. (This is what I do, as I usually have my soldering iron and trouble light in the way along with trim parts removed and that all gets in the way of closing the door)


Sorry about the lack of detail earlier. Usually the statment "All the wires are in the drivers side kick panel" is specific enough.
Thank you Jeremy.  I've been too busy to attempt to track them down, but I hope I'll have time soon.