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Ignition output of remote starter connected to KeySense!

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In the EVO-ALL THAR-FOR1 rev20150427 guide for Ford Focus 2012-2015 ,  the Ignition(+) output from remote starter is connected to A1, A16 and Yellow/Black wire of T-Harness, all KeySense(+).

Shouldn't the Ignition output be connected to Ignition input of Ignition Switch or to the Ignition wire(s) of the T-Harness D-connector D3/D5?
posté Juil 21, 2015 dans la catégorie Ford par Dinesh Koya (780 points)

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The only reason ignition is even connected from the remote starter is so that the remote starter can be programmed and also so that it knows when a key is in the ignition barrel. Remote starter ignitions are used as both inputs and outputs. It's the EVO that controls remote starting the vehicle and not the remote starter in this install.

Another reason we have it connected with key-sense, is in case the EVO is being installed with an aftermarket alarm. This prevents false alarm triggers when remote starting.
répondu Juil 21, 2015 par Robert T (284,490 points)
Thank you!

However in the guide without the THAR-FOR1, Ignition1 output is connected to Ignition at IGN Switch and Ignition2 output is connected to KeySense.

How to understand this?
In the guide without T-harness we let the remote starter control remote starting the vehicle.