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Evo all on CX-5

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1. Do I have to connect wires for parking lights? I can't find 6 pin connector near the handle. 2. Power: I installed the remote starter only unit woth evo-all. I connected data cable but did not get any power. So I cut the red and black wire and hard connected them. Is that OK for having a Remote starter? How are the two units going to communicate each other? 3. Programming : the instruction told me to press and release the programming button 5 times after I get solid blue and red lights. I did that but those two lights are not flashing at all. They just remain solid whatever I do.
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1. Parking light connection is highly recommended especially on this vehicle since it does diagnostics through parking lights in the event if does not start. The connector for the parking lights is right on the light switch assembly on the steering column, (look at picture no. 3 on the first page of guide 25501


2. If you are using a remote starter with the Evo-All, power and ground need to be connected on your remote starter to the vehicle as shown in the guide, then power to the Evo-All is provided through the datalink wire.  You can hardwire the Evo-All to the vehicle as you did but you still need to provide power and ground  to your remote starter.     Communication between the remote starter and Evo-All is done through the Blue and White data wires in the Datalink cable. YOU NEED A COMPATIBLE REMOTE STARTER WITH A DATALINK PORT, (And the proper datalink protocol set in the Evo-All


3. After looking at your service number, you are still using  the default firmware 4.18 you will never be able to program this unit in this car since it has not been flashed (using a Flashlink-2 Updater and Flashlink Manager 3.52) to the proper firmware and right settings set in the Evo-All. YOU NEED TO FLASH FIRMWARE VERSION 71.27 and set options that are in Guide number 25501


4 You also need to tell us what kind of remote starter you are using and the year of the vehicle AND  IF THE VEHICLE HAS AN OEM ALARM SYSTEM.

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thank you for the quick answer.

1. Parking Light : I will go an take a look at the vehicle again to find the 6-pin connector.

2. Power : Since I've cut and hard wired the power and ground to the Evo-All, I will just connect the data cable to the Remote Starter with Blue and White cable only. Please Confirm.  Also the Remote Starter that I have ia Crimestopper RS4-G5 1-Way.  Can you confirm if this is compatible with Evo All?

3. Well, I guess I am gonna need to order Flash Link than.

Thank you and let me know.

1. Yes, it is there, just compare what you see to the picture in the guide.


2.Yes, please connect the Evo-All to the Crimestopper with the datalink cable with the blue and white wires still connected. And the Crimestopper unit is datalink compatible with the Evo-All from the factory. Please follow guide on necessary connections in the guide for the REMOTE STARTER, (12V Battery, Ignition DIODE VERY IMPORTANT, and ground)


3.Yes, you will need the Flashlink-2 to be able to flash firmware and set options and ALSO to be able to use DCRYPTOR.


4. You will need to check if your vehicle has an OEM alarm (lower driver's window, close doors, lock with oem keyfob, wait 2-3 minutes, REACH through open window and unlock and open door from inside car, IF horn starts honking you have oem alarm, please follow connection 2 of the guide. IF THERE IS NO HONKING HORN,  follow connection 1 or 3 depending if you want doorlock control via oem remotes or crimestopper remotes

Hi, All the parts that I need additionally are arriving tomorrow.

Just a couple of quick questions.

Like I said earlier, I cut the data-link RED and BLACK to give power to EVO ALL.  you told me that I need to connect the data-link with BLUE and WHITE between EVO ALL and the Remote Starter.  Do I have to hard wire RED and Black to give power to the remote starter?

Previously, I connected anything and powered it up without the diode.  What would it do to the remote starter or to the car?

BTW, my car doesn't have OEM alarm.  so I will go ahead and to Connection 1.

Thank you.

You will need to connect the 12v Battery, Ignition and ground connections on your crimestopper.




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