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Is EVO-KEY compatible with Volvo V40 2015 & techincal documentation available?

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I own a Volvo V40 2015 and I am wondering whether the EVO-KEY device will be compatible with the car.

If yes, may I kindly ask you to provide me with installation instructions (wiring diagrams and tech documentation)?

Additionally I would like to ask whether I would need any additional device (flash-link updater) in order to complete the installation?

Finally, I was wondering whether the EVO-KEY is compatible with a Viper car alarm (5706v model).
posté Avr 10, 2015 dans la catégorie Volvo par Kostas Zorpas (130 points)
modifié Avr 10, 2015 par Kostas Zorpas

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Please contact: for more information concerning this application, This vehicle was done in Russia and they would have the documentation concerning this install.

répondu Avr 10, 2015 par JM (61,760 points)