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EvoAll Remote start for 2013 Mazda CX5

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I tried to install the remote start with single button 2ways viper witht the EvoAll on a 2013 Mazda CX5.  Followed all the correct wires hookup.  Programed and encrypted correctly, but when i start the car with the single button remote start, i don't get any accesssory light or the cart start.  However if i switch the diode  to the other oposite way (black end toward the car instead toward the remote start module), then i get all the accessory light, but truck won't start.  However I switch that back as it shown on the instruction sheet at this time, since I can't get the truck start either way.

D2D option set to ON

followed with 25 steps of activation sucessfully.

firmware 71.23. (the latest).

module hardware version 6.

Can you please recommend what else do i need to check or what have i could be done wrong?  thanks.
posté Mar 22, 2015 dans la catégorie Mazda par Tu Le (360 points)
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Please provide your service number under the Evo ALL modules, so we can check your firmware and options and if Dcryptor was properly done.


The Diode has to be installed exactly the way it's shown on the guide, that ignition wire is not  a "feed" wire as in you are not supplying power to that ignition wire,   That is a  "sense" wire, it is only needed so that yiour remote starter knows that igntion is "Turned ON"

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