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Ax-One / Evo-One Alarm features / Siren connection / 2015 tundra

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I have an Ax-One kit that did not come with the siren although it was listed as coming with one. I ended getting an aftermarket 12V Siren. How do I connect this to the Ax-One ? The guide didnt specify. The siren has a red and black wire but Im not sure how this connects to the unit or my truck. I already turned on the alarm in both the bypass and remote start sections in flashlink and selected siren output.

As of right now the Evo-One is not triggering my factory alarm with the shock sensor, only causing the parking lights to blink when the alarm goes off so Im hoping adding the siren will fix this issue.
posté Fev 28, 2015 dans la catégorie Toyota par Jonas Lara (360 points)

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The red wire of your siren goes to  constant 12V, the black wire from your siren connect to the orange/black of your ax-one.

You need to program option 12 to mode 4.

Where did you see the unit come with a siren ?
répondu Mar 1, 2015 par Jonas Lara (85,190 points)

Thank you for that info.

Everywhere I have seen the Ax-One listed for sale shows a picture of the siren and lists it as part of the package. Even on the metra site it is listed.The package that it came in shows a listing for "Shock sensor and siren included".2600587795073874261" style="width: 600px; height: 450px; float: left;">

here is the picture on the package2278580363857659164" style="width: 600px; height: 450px; float: left;">

We cannot speak for Metra. It may be a misprint. You would need to contact them to find out what should be packaged. Number is in that first picture.
connected the aftermarket siren as directed and works perfectly ! when i took the siren to the installer he mentioned he had to use a relay since the polarity on the evo-one siren output was negative but I mentioned these instructions (siren red wire to constant 12v and black wire to orange/black wire on evo) from you guys and he looked at me kinda funny but said ok and wired it up and voila ! Im super happy to have my Evo-One operating the way its supposed to.


I appreciate all the help from you guys ! Ive been telling all my Toyota truck buddies about your system.
No problem! enjoy and thank you!