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Wiring diagram CX5 Stand Alone

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Hey I know this might be rookie questions but, I recently purchased the Evo All for my mazda CX5.


I will be installing it Stand Alone.


Looking at page 3 of 13, I am a bit confused with the wiring of D1 and D3. You say to cut the wire from slot 3 on parking connector, then to attach D1 to wire coming from car harness not the connector, is that right or am i reading it wrong?


Is D3 connected?

posté Jan 28, 2015 dans la catégorie Mazda par Mike Giannikos (360 points)

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That's right. You are cutting the vehicle green wire in pin 3 and connecting D1 and D3 to either end. D1 connected connector side, and D3 connected on the other end of the cut wire (it actually doesn;t matter if D1 and D3 are reversed). This connection allows proper function of parking lights by interupting the circuit when remote starting.


Your unit at the moment also requires a firmware update and a master reset (options also need to be set properly).


  • update the firmware to 71.23  (makes sure the flash-link manager is set to Connection Mode : Bypass and not Connection Mode : Remote Starter)
  • master reset the unit afterwards
  • the options you need to set for 3x Lock start are C1 and D1. Do not turn off anything that is already on. EVO-ALL 3x LOCK START SETUP <--- click that


Here's the reset procedure, this will also set options back to default:

  1. Hold down programming button while plugging in datalink connector.
  2. Let go of button when LED is RED.
  3. Push and hold button again until all three LEDs start to alternate.
  4. Disconnect unit, she is now reset.


Don't forget to also go look at the video for programming the unit. It covers the most important steps (steps 1-13). The link is in the guide, but here it is anyway :

répondu Jan 28, 2015 par Robert T (279,890 points)
awesome, thank you for the very detailed answer.
ok so i just got around to install it.


I did steps 1 through 12, then did the decryptor, but when i go back to do steps 1 through 12 again, the yello light never flashes, it always stays on blue when im trying to redo the remote sequence.


I have tried to start over but it never flashes yellow again.


Also, the parking light connector is right on the light switch on the steering column, does anybody know how to get to it and connect the wires? i havent connected those.


thank you
i got it to work, all good. I still havent installed the parking light connections, if someone can let me know how to get to the connector that would be great. seems a little wierd to install it on steering column


thanks again
You will have to remove the steering wheel column cover to be able to access the parking light switch connector. This would be the best place to get these connections to eliminate cutting the wrong wire in the harness coming from the steering wheel, ( there will be identical colors in the harness)


So by going straight to the connector and verifiying the pin position you can be sure to be on the correct wires.

The connector is located in the actual housing where the parking light arm is.

When you remove the steering wheel cover, there's a little clip you need to push in while you pull on the parking light arm.




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