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2015 cx5 won't start and brake lghts don't activate.

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Followed evo all pts instructions revision 20141224. bypass programmed properly, but when you press the remote start button vehicle doesn't crank. the ignition lights up, but the brake lights don't light up. with key inside of vehicle it will also not crank over. checked all the wiring and it's wired properly. if you start the vehicle using the pts button and fob inside of vehicle and have the remote start take over the brake works to deactivate the remote start and the footbrake is connected to the evo all not the brake switch. flashed to update 71.22 firmware. do you have any ideas on the problem.
posté Jan 5, 2015 dans la catégorie Mazda par Adrian Waloshin (220 points)

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The brake will not light using this configuration. All doors must be closed with nobody in vehicle to remote start and smart key has to be out of range.

Make sure you installed the diode on your ignition wire.
répondu Jan 5, 2015 par Adrian Waloshin (85,190 points)
The current instrauctions do not show a diode with the ignition wire.  Where inline and what orientation would it need a diode and what is its funtion in the circuit?  *Using EvoAll as Stand Alone Remote Start

There will be no brake lights. The diode he mentionned is only when using a separate remote starter unit.

  • What is the service number?
  • What connection in this guide did you do? STAND ALONE EVO-ALL & Mazda CX5 (2013-2015) - Push-to-Start - Revision 20150107
  • If you have parking lights connected, the lights will flash X amount of times on failed starts. How many times do they flash?
  • The programming also requires having to repeat steps 1-12 after doing the Dcryptor and there is a another section right after that. Were all 25 steps completed?