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Well is it normal for the evo not to turn on the ready to drive light on a fusion hybrid??

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The dash lights up basically like with key in the ignition but the check engine light comes on and stays during the entire remote start sequence!! Never seems to go into full on?? During and I've already ran it through at least complete remote start cycles and still won't start engine!! Otherwise seems to be working fine!! The temperature here is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit today!! Again the ready to drive light doesn't come on at all during remote start!! This after 4 or 5 complete remote cycles!!
posté Jan 3, 2015 dans la catégorie Ford par Josh Smith (310 points)

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Already asked you to connect the t-harness without the EVOALL connected, have you tried this test ?

Does the car start well with the key ?

This could take a while to diagnostic you should try giving a call to tech support when you have the car with you.
répondu Jan 3, 2015 par Josh Smith (85,190 points)