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2014 Focus EVO-ALL Cannot get Red LED to only flash once at end of programming-stays solid

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Thanks for your help in advance-Using EVO ALL in '14 Focus SE as stand alone remote start unit, with THAR-FORD1 T Harness.

Step one goes fine, led goes to solid blue (step 2) once data link connector inserted.  Proceed to plug in all other connctors (step 3).  All connectors go according to plan, until I plug in the 20 pin connector.  Blue LED goes out and starts flashing......keeping me from going to step 4.


CAN Hi/Lo are all connected at OBD connector, keys are factory keyless keys, with no markings-but I suspect they are the 40 bit keys as all the Focus' for '14 are.  (I do not have the flash tool, I hope this doesn't hold me back!!)

Lock is connected to brown wire behind button on dash below radio.

Is the yellow that comes from the T-Harness to pin A1 in the 20 pin connector supposed to be ignition, or constant (+) ?  It is constant as it is out of the box hooked to column connectors.

This is a brand new unit just received for this vehicle.  It has firmware 71-18 , hardware version 6 , Service # 001A06448488


Thanks for any help getting this squared away.


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This vehicle is not supported as a  stand alone, you will need a rf kit has the module can not detect your oem remote.

Has guide says, yellow wire from the tharness is not connected at all. Yellow/black from your tharness goes to yellow on the 20 pin connector. When entering programming remove the key from the ignition barrel before inserting all connectors.
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