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Can't get evo all to do step 4(ign on flashing blue light) in programming

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2002 ford focus using evo all. I can't get the blue led to flash once I turn on the ignition. I had previously programmed the evo all to work with a 2012 Toyota tundra, but I never installed it. So I reset the  evo all and reinstalled the 4.18 software to work with the ford. I tried multiple times, no luck, any ideas?
posté Nov 16, 2014 dans la catégorie Ford par steve capitao (600 points)
modifié Nov 17, 2014 par steve capitao

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Blue LED is can programming, on a 2002 focus there is no can, you car following the wrong programming. If you are following DCRYPTOR programming, proceed to transponder programming.
répondu Nov 17, 2014 par Micheal Unger (85,190 points)
élue Nov 17, 2014 par Robert T
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Any chance you might have Rx and Tx mixed up? I have done this myself before, also had exact problem as you tonight on an escape, turns out there were more data connections to add than recommended in the guide. Hope this can be of some use to you. Mike Unger.
répondu Nov 17, 2014 par Micheal Unger (2,610 points)
Little tip about Rx and Tx. Rx is always pin 4 in the transponder connector. Ignore the colors, I've seen colors of Rx and Tx be swapped on the same model truck between 40 and 80 bit keys