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FAQ - KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL Programming Diagnostics

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The KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL can only be programmed a limited number of times to a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury or Toyota/Lexus vehicle before it becomes locked and will no longer accept programming with a new vehicle. If you find that you are having trouble programming the module on a vehicle, the following simple procedures can be performed to determine the programming and locked status of the module.

1) To determine if the module is programmed
Unplug all connections.DO NOT hold the programming switch during the next step.Plug in the Data-Link Cable (Connector #1).This can be done on the bench with a 12VDC power supply. Red Wire: +12VDC, Black Wire: Ground.

If the LED remains off the module is currently programmed with a vehicle (To determine if it is locked see below).If the LED either flashes or comes on and remains solid the module is currently NOT programmed with a vehicle.

2) To determine if the module is locked
Unplug all connections. Press and hold the programming switch during the next step. Plug in the Data-Link Cable (Connector #1). This can be done on the bench with a 12VDC power supply. Red Wire: +12VDC, Black Wire: Ground.

If the LED turns ON the module is NOT locked and will accept programming with a vehicle. If the LED flashes the module is locked and will NOT accept programming with a new vehicle.

Please note the following:
The module is sealed at the factory with a tamper-proof sticker on the bag to indicate to the installer whether or not the module may have been previously used. If the seal is broken there is a possibility that the module have been programmed and may even be locked. If the tamper-proof sticker is still intact the module is neither programmed nor locked. The module can only be locked after it has been programmed. If the module is not programmed it can not become locked. The module can only be programmed if the firmware supports the vehicle, the module recognizes the vehicle, and the module installation is done properly (this does not include the remote-starter installation). All of these conditions must be met in order to properly program the module with vehicle. If you determine that the module has been programmed using procedure 1 above, and the vehicle will not remote-start, the problem exists in the remote-starter installation. Attempting to program with an other module will not fix the existing problem will only produce the exact same results. If procedure 2 above indicates that the module is locked, return the unit to your distributor for an exchange. We only honour exchanges up to 1 year past the data of manufacture on defective modules or modules that are locked. The Manufacture Date (MD) is indicated on the sticker of the module (MD: week-year). We verify all returns and non-defective / non-locked modules will be returned to the customer at their expense.

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If the entire remote starter is installed already into the car & the crimestopper unit is programmed and the only thing remaining to be programmed is the Key-Override-All (which mine seems to be refusing to do), is the above procedure the same?

Additionally, for clarity, the "Data Link Cable" is the "4-pin connector: Data Link" With Red, Black, Blue, and White wires? This seems an obvious yes to me because the 6-pin connector does not have any black-ground wires.
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