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Door Resistance Values when using Viper 5704 with EVO ALL for Dodge Dart

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If for some reason D2D doesnt work on the Viper with the Fortin and I have to do W2W, Do I have to install the resistors required in a normal install directly to the car and put them inline with the Fortin, or is this stored in the programming firmware of the Fortin?
posté Juil 7, 2014 dans la catégorie Dodge par Fareed Elian (240 points)

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D2D works, you need the latest firwmare in the EVO in order to set the D2D option in the EVO using the Flash-Link Manager.

W2W just means you will be wiring connections between viper and EVO instead of using the datalink connection. The dotted grey lines in the install guide are for W2W connections.
répondu Juil 8, 2014 par Robert T (284,540 points)
thanks, but do i need the resistors for the open and close, or are these in the Fortin already when programmed with firmware? I already programmed my Fortin with the right car firmware. thanks

The EVO does everything through Can-Bus. Except for parking lights. You do not need anything more then what is written in the installation guide.


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